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Entrepreneurship Outperforms Innovation?

Innovative ideas can make a splash, but entrepreneurs are more likely to create value, change the world, and make profits. Pro or con? In short, entrepreneurship fuels economic growth, but it’s the disruptive innovators of the world who turbocharge it.

As for cloud accounting…..

Yes, there are privacy issues, some of which Google faced when it launched Gmail. But consider this: the threshold a business owner places on his/her business records are lower than his/her personal information. You regularly share your financial information with your accountant and bank manager, but you wouldn’t do the same for your personal data.

True, true! This is kinda like the thinking out side of the box. It’s just that I don’t think this is the answer I can give to my imaginary clients if they ask me about the privacy issues. On the scope of work, clients really don’t like developers scale down their attentions from a business level to a personal level, even though these two attributes are tightly connected.

Business owners bypass their doubts for Gmail and Cloud Office because the convenience has taken over the luxury of having the privacy. Funny, I suddenly remember a phrase from Asimov’s story……

"The advancement of civilization is nothing but the sacrifice of the privacy".

Will Microsoft make a web CMS? If there have never been the requests from the clients, will I ever dive into any CMS like Wordpress? Should I build the CMS for end users or developers? Should I create a product or a service? How much efforts should I devote myself to a project which brings direct or indirect profit? How to reach the balance between business profits and personal interests?

The age of internet and mobility creates an open environment filled with all kinds of opportunities. Business models, developing technics and consumers’ needs are in the rapid flow of constant changes. I sometimes miss the exclusive environment where developing desktop software is in, but this new age provides developers great access to reach end users, and this is exciting. To be able to follow the flow, I need to adjust myself fast. Many times the speed of changes can overwhelm me. I need to remember what I’ve experienced so I can know where I stand and move forward from that point. If there is anything from the experiences of developing desktop software can tell me, it will be recognizing a good program or a good system because it is stable, consistent, and extendible. These attributes bring the end users a sense of security, reliability, usefulness and entertaining. These qualities are good values, and I’d like to keep them in this flow of the age with me.